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Joe Holland
Property Manager

Property Management Systems
262 East 3900 South
Suite #200
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

(801) 262-3900

Rules, Regulations, and Policies
Pinebrook Pointe HOA’s rules, regulations, and policies are detailed in the HOA’s Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions document and the Requirements & Guideline document which you can download from the Governing Documents Section of this website.
Enforcement Procedures:
All rules, regulations, and policies of the Pinebrook Pointe HOA will be enforced in the Pinebrook Pointe community uniformly and without discrimination. You can download a copy of current enforcement procedures. An overview of the steps detailed in the procedures document include:
    a. PMSI will perform random inspections of the Common Areas and Limited Common Areas to check for violations. PMSI does not inspect the interior of any unit.
    b. Owners or residents can report violations to PMSI by calling, sending an email, or sending a written letter to PMSI. A copy of the Violation Form can be downloaded. Identify the unit, date and time of violation, name of the person who witnessed and is reporting the violation, and a description of actions. PMSI will review the violation and perform its own inspection.
    c. If PMSI determines there is a violation, PMSI will send the unit owner(s) a written notice of the violation, in accordance with Utah states laws. If the violation will result in a fine, the notice will also identify the amount of the fine.
    d. Fines will be assessed in accordance with Utah state laws and the HOA’s current policy for fines as detailed in the Pinebrook Pointe HOA governing documents.
Enforcement & Renters:
Owners are responsible for the actions of their renters. Property Management Systems, Inc. will fine an owner not a renter. Owners, in turn, are responsible for ensuring that their renters know the rules and follow them. For example, if a renter uses a charcoal grill, the owner gets warned then fined. Owners should have formal agreements with renters that explain the rules, and owners should have a way to check on renters to ensure compliance with rules. Pinebrook Pointe’s new website provides information that can assist you and your renters in understanding the rules. If an owner would like suggestions for professionals who can assist you with developing an agreement or taking measures to manage renters, please email Please note that although pets are allowed for owners, renters are not allowed to have pets.