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Joe Holland
Property Manager

Property Management Systems
262 East 3900 South
Suite #200
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

(801) 262-3900
This website is for members of the Pinebrook Pointe Association. It also has helpful information for renters and visitors at Pinebrook Pointe. Throughout the website pages, you will find text that is underlined and highlighted in red. If you click on these words, you will be directly linked to an email screen, other sections of this website, downloadable documents, or other websites.
~ Survey ~

~ Welcome to Pinebrook Pointe ~
Pinebrook Pointe is a residential community in Park City, Utah. Minutes away from Utah Olympic Park, downtown Park City and three major ski resorts—The Canyons, Park City, and Deer Valley. With a great number of trails, it is an ideal location for hikers, bikers and nature-lovers.

~ Landlord Reminders ~
If you are interested in renting out your condominium, please read the following:
  • Please remember to make your tenants aware of the rules of the community, if in violation you may be fined by the community.
  • Non-owner occupants may not have pets of any kind.
  • Please send a current lease agreement to Property Manageement Systems, Inc. The lease agreement should state tenant(s) names, contact numbers and length of lease.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

~ Upcoming Events ~
No Events at this time.

~ News ~
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Posted on Apr 26th, 2019
April 2018 Newsletter & Internet Update
Posted on Apr 16th, 2018
June 2018 Fee Increase
Posted on Apr 16th, 2018

~ Community Updates ~
The Pinebrook Pointe Community Onsite Maintenance person is Rafael Zavala
Please remember to keep all doors in the garages closed in order to prevent excessive heating bills.  Failing to completely close the doors can create drafts and cause the heaters to run more than necessary.  We thank you all for your consideration in this matter.
We have had recycling bins placed on the property at Building E, J & P.  More information about the recycling program can be found HERE.
Damaged Railings and Posts
If you have noticed any railings or posts in need of repair or replacement, please report these items to PMSI.  Although Rafael frequently inspects the property for these types of damages, it would be better for owners and residents to report needed repair/replacements as soon as they are noticed.
Preventing Plumbing Back-ups
We would like to remind you to avoid putting grease, oil, fats, diapers, or cooked pasta down the drains.  Placing any of these types of items into your toilet or garbage disposal can clog the drain pipes, resulting in sewage backing into your home. 
The HOA has recently been forced to deal with multiple repairs and cases of water damage that were a direct result of these kinds of plumbing clogs.  These repairs impact the entire HOA and could result in higher HOA fees if we are unable to prevent future situations like this. 
We strongly urge you to be cautious and consider the potential effects of any item you might wish to dispose of through the plumbing system before a problem arises.